History of the Winter Class of '55
(copied from the Ramleback '55)

     Now our moment has come.  We are seniors at last, and the three short years of high school are coming to an end.  These years had a start in January, 1952, and they are ending in February, 1955.  Our advisors have been Mr. J. Albin, Mrs. R. Brockstedt, Mr. R. Carden, Mr. B. Garner, Mrs. E. Inhelder and Mrs. S. Sasser.  Miss Bess Furlong was our counselor.
     Looking back, we see that this has been an important class and has done much for our school.  In our sophomore year we were busy joining clubs and getting acquainted with new friends and a new school.
     Our junior year was an exciting one.  The junior prom came around and was made a hugh success by our hard work and participation in the dance.  We voted on our senior colors and when announced they were aqua and gray.  It was decided that we would have aqua sweaters and gray skirts.  We really began to feel important when we were measured for our sweaters because it meant we would soon be seniors.
     Finally the great day came.  It was such a good feeling to be seniors.  It seems like a lot of work and worry went into those first two years, but now it is worth it.  Our sweaters finally arrived, much to our delight, but the senior aye's didn't seem to be too overjoyed at this fact.  Also, the senior prom night came and a beautiful hawaiian theme lent a romantic air to the dance.  Lovely music floated from the orchestra of Ray Robins.  The decorations formed the illusion of an Hawaiian island with palm trees and a volcano which actually erupted.  This was one dance we should never forget.
     In September of 1954 we were Senior Aye's and our homerooms were changed to the auditorium for the rest of our senior year.  Our pictures were taken by the Chris Myron Studios.  Our Senior Tea was the first social thing on the agenda of our senior semester.  It was held in the cafeteria and officiating at this event were our senior officers: B. G. Randolph, president; Marilyn Wehrle, vice-president; Nancy Furbish, secretary; Janis Chapman, treasurer; and Bart Mc Call, treasurer.
    The end of the semester was growing near and our senior breakfast rolled around.  It was held on January 21, 1955.
     On Sunday, January 23, 1955, the traditional baccalaureate services were held.  The theme was "the choice of wisdom," and was carried out by the speakers: Janice Ryan, Fernando Orta, Julie Ufholtz, and B. G. Randolph.  Entertainment was provided by the Rambler Choir.
     On January 23, the award assembly was held in Honn Auditorium.  This was an exciting moment in many senior lives.  The award for the most outstanding girl and boy of the senior class is one to be highly cherished.  It is the B'nai B'rith Award and it went to Jim Taylor and Sonja Sawyer.  To B. G. Randolph went the 20-30 Club Award.  The Ephebians were announced to be Jim Taylor, Jackie Nuckols, and Bob Wilson.  David Corbett, Richard Pfaffenberger, Bernard G. Randolph, Sonja Sawyer, Marian Schye, James O. Taylor, Anita Trainham, Ronald Ulrich, Dixie Van Horst, and Jeanine Warner were the Sealbearers.  The Rotary Award was given to Ron Ulrich and Jackie Nuchols.
     One of the highly coveted awards is the Firestone Award.  This goes to only 21 persons throughout the entire nation.  Our class was privileged to have such a winner.  She is Anita Trainham.
     At last the night of January 28 is upon us.  At this graduation we look back at our high school years and know that they have held some very happy times for us.  Some of our feelings are expressed by our graduation speakers: Dixie Van Horst, Harlene Nichols, Jean Maffei, Alice Eckberg, and Anita Trainham.  Our theme was "our silver anniversary."
     This class has held many students outstanding to the school who will not be forgotten.  Some are Bob Wilson, Student Body President; Jackie Nuckols, A.S.B. Vice-President; Dixie Van Horst, A.S.B. Secretary; Harlene Nichols, Girls' League President; Jim Raabe, Boys' Federation President; B. G. Randolph, Senior Aye Class President; Sonja Sawyer, Ladies' President; Jim Taylor, Knights' President; and Alicelynn Eckberg, Football Queen.
     Our Senior B officers were: Dick Rincon, Bart Mc Call, Sonja Sawyer, and Barbara Nowell.  So we have reached the climax of our years at high school.  We hope you will never forget us because we of the Winter Class of 1955 will never forget the good times we've had at South Gate High School.

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