Help Us Locate These Missing Classmates:

Arballo, Melinda
Montague, Jacques (LOCATED)
Bailey, Claudine
Orta, Fernando
Bender, Richard
Park, Louise
Cappell, Francis (LOCATED)
Payne, John
Cardenas, John
Prater, Barbara (Gover)
Daniels, Kenny
Prosser, Terry
Estes, Phyllis
Ratcliff, Pat (Venable)
Farrell, Richard
Rincon, Gloria
Forsythe, Gayle (Pfeiderer) (LOCATED)
Roth, Shirley (Butterfield)
Hall, Gerald
Rule, Janice
Happell, Fred
Ryder, John
Henry, Robert (LOCATED)
Sands, Janet
Jenkins, Bill
Satterfield, Mary
Jones, Clarence
Scott, Pat (McDowell)
Jones, Milton
Sorenson, Joan (Real)
Leivan, Don
Streeter, Pat
Lindsey, Howard
Taylor, Dale
Lott, Raymond
Ulrich, Ronald (LOCATED)
Lyons, Rex
Valenzuela, Caroline
Maffei, Jean (Miller)
Verbely, Jean
Martensen, Larry
Webb, Doris
Mock, Arlene
Wurtenberg, Charles
Moline, Bill

If you know the whereabouts of anyone on this list, PLEASE contact one of the following:

Colleen Cunningham Kealey: 909.790.9666;
Harlene Nichols Goodrich: 562.431.7322; email: