Abraham CLARK
Born: ?? - Place: England
Died: .............. - Place: ..............
Burial: ............
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Arrived in USA in 1654 from England.

!Calvert Co.,Maryland...Wills...1654-1700....975.244 C549 page 19
ABRAHAM CLARK: revokes other wills. Son Abraham heir of all estate excepting what I give out of it to my beloved wife, Elizabeth Clark. Son Abraham to buy his Mother a negro woman to attend to her as long as she liveth and at her decease to return to my son. Wife (to have) produce of old plantacon (plantation) by the Bay my son side as long as she doth live. To wife ... cows; afterwards to my son. To wife 1 feather bed and furniture.
To Richard Simmons 200 acres of land at northern branch ... also 1 young mare when he reaches age of 10; also be taught to read & write and to be able to work for himself when he cometh to age of 18 years; his estate to remain in hands of my son Abraham till age of 21.
SIGNED: Abraham Clark (seal)
Made: 16 Sept. 1693. Probated: 27 Nov. 1693.
Testators: John Sunderland, Margaret Sunderland, Hena (x) Kingsland, and Jane (x) Blacketer.
Before: John Bigger.
Source: WILLS, Liber 2, ff. 241-242.