Henry Edmond (Ned) CLARK
Born: Abt. 10 Nov. 1821 - Place: Montgomery Co., MD
Died: Abt. 1893 - Place: Silver Spring, Montgomery Co., MD
Burial: Rock Creek Cemetry - Place: Washington DC
Father: Henson CLARK
Mother: Agnes Arthridge CHEW

!Montgomer County Historical Society,Inc. Beall-Dawson House; 103 West Montgomery Avenue; Rockville, Maryland 20850. Phone: 7621492.
!Last will and testament dated: 14 Sept. 1840, probated: 4 Jan. 1841 Liber X folio 142 (old) Liber 4 p. 214 (new) dated 14 Sept. 1840.

Henson Clark leaves Henry Edmond Clark plantation which was willed to him by his father and the land he purchase from Judson Clark; Negroes: Daniel, Bill, Harriet, and Elias. The brown mare he rides, the horse Pomprey, six head of ewes, one sow and pigs, one milch cow, one carved Maple Beadstead, bed and furniture, the whole of the crop of corn growing on the land. To my daughter Henrietta Eliza Clark: four negroes: Rachel, Gary, Louis, and Negro boy in the possesion of Wattson Chew named Mac. Also a horse saddle and bridle of value at $100 or that amount of money (at her option) and the further sum of $800 when she arrives at lawful age. Third, to my wife Agnes, the residue of my estate during her single life or widowhood for her support and the education and support of our younger children. In the event of my wife's deeath or marriage, I devise and bequeath the whole residue to be divided equally amongst my sons Charles Hanson, William Samuel, and Oliver Hazard Perry..share and share alike. If my wife should not stand to this last will and testament, she and my daughter shall forfeit their share of this will. To my nephew, James Peerce, of Kentucky, a note of hand drawn by the said Peerce payable to me and now in my possession and discharge him from the payment of the sum and every part there of. I will and direct my executor to repair the house on the south side of the wood on the land I bought from John Anderson and make it comfortable for use of brother Henry's three single daughters and I hereby allow them use of the House, firewood, garden and pasture for two or three cows until my youngest child arrives at lawful age. Lastly, I appoint my nephew, William C. Peerce to be sole executor of this will and testament. 14 Sept. 1840
!From Notes of Oliver M Clark: Birthdates of Children (6)