Roelof BOS
Born: 20 July 1835 - Place: Dieve, Drenthe Province, Netherlands
Died: 5 Dec. 1928 - Place: Monroe, South Dakota
Buried: Aft. 5 Dec. 1928 - Place: Orange City, Iowa
Father: Roelof BOS
Mother: Aaltje Berend DAALMAN

Roelof Bos came to the USA in 1867. He and his wife came to Grand Rapids, Michigan from the Netherlands. He went back to the Netherlands after he was 85 years old. He had one brother who died at the age of 14. He had school from the age of 5 until he was 12 years old. He was apprenticed at a young age to learn blacksmithing. He went from smith to smith in nearby villages to add to his skills. He was also drafted into the Dutch Military. He eventually qualified and served tow six month terms. On the trip to the USA, the weather was inclement and the sea was rough. All became ill and one of their two children died and was buried at sea. They entered the North American continent at Quebec, Canada and came to Grand Rapids, Michigan via lake steamer and railroad. Times were tough but with odd jobs they were able in one year or two to save and borrow enough money to build a small 4 room house, a wood shed and a smithy at 301 Jefferson St. Of the nine (9) children born, only four (4) reached maturity. In 1890, they left Michigan for Orange City, Iowa. They had plans to go to New Mexico, but they never did.