Born: Abt. 1620 - Place: Devon, England
Died: .......... - Place: ......., ......
Buried: ......... - Place: ........, .......

!Karen Bowdish: William Bowdish/Bowditch seems to have been one of four Bowdish men to start their lineage in America. Bowditch of Braintree, Massachusetts; Joel Bowditch of Shelter Island, New York; William Bowditch and William Bowdish-Bowditch of Salem Massachusetts.

!Savage: William Bowdish-Bowditch probably born in co Devon, England and was admitted as an inhabitant of Salem on November 20, 1639 and on 23 January 1642/43 he received a grant of ten acres of land. His wife Sarah was admited to the church at Salem on 10 May 1640 and on Feb. 12, 1642/43 their son Nathaniel was baptized in the First Church of Salem.

On 4 August 1646, Sarah was admonished by the Quarterly Court of Salem "for offensive withdrawing from ye ordinance of Baptizing of Infants". This was after the birth of their daughter and Sarah, evidently not believing in orginal sin, did not want to be forced to baptize her while a baby.

On 13 October 1649, "goodman" Bowdish received another grant of 30 acres of land at Salem. This is the last time the Bowdish-Bowditch name appears on the Salem records for about 20 years. It is likely that they made their way to Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island to avoid more persecution because of Sarah's Baptist ties. On 9 Dec. 1673, William's 30 acre grant was laid out and on 12 Oct. 1674, Nathaniel Bowdish of Newport, Rhode Island sold the 30 acres to John Pudney. Savage claims this makes Nathaniel heir and progenitor of the Bristol Co, Massachusetts and Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island Bowdishes. He does not account for the child born after Nathaniel was baptized and for which Sarah was admonished.