[Carl Ulrich Photo] Carl Frederick Ulrich's Genealogy Page Carl Frederick Ulrich
Born: August 13, 1969 - Place: Newport Beach, Calif.
Died: ............... - Place: ................
Burial: .........
Father: Ronald Frederick Ulrich
Mother: Faith Carol Bos

Born in Los Angeles, California in August 13, 1969 at Hogue Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach, Calif. He was born at 9:05pm. He spent his youth at 7641 Lehigh Pl. in Westminster, Calif.(Orange County). He moved to Plantation, Florida (Suburb of Ft. Lauderdale) in Nov. of 1971. Spent two years there. Then spent the next 8 years in Cerritos, California.

In 1981, move to Manhattan Beach, California. Went to Pacific School, Center Middle School and Mira Costa High School. College began at Univ. of Calif. at Santa Barbara. Came back to college at El Camino College then back to UCSB. He is about 6' 1" tall and weighs about 195 pounds. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He is good looking and has a pleasant disposition. Some of his grades at UCSB were A-, B+ and A (Japanese, History and Political Science). January 26, 1993, Carl and a friend, Jeff Goodman, flew to Japan. They were going to get jobs teaching English to Japanese. They spent 2 nights at 7000 yen and then the next 10 days at 16000 yen. They stayed at CAMEDA SO; 2-3-17 HAZAWA; NERIMA-KU TOKYO 176; JAPAN. His phone number was 011-81-3-5999-0920. On 6 February, at 8pm from Manhattan Beach, 1pm 7 February in Japan, Laurel, Inkyo and Ron Ulrich called Carl and spoke for awhile. He has had 2 interviews and has substituted twice (for 3000 yen each time or $24 each time). He is having a good time to date.

He was accepted to Graduate School at Carnegie Mellon in the fall of 1993. It is a two year program. Upon graduation with his MS degree, he got a job at Calgon Chemical Company in Pittsburgh, PA. He lives in the upper unit of his family's duplex in Pittsburgh, PA. It is about a 15 minute walk to school and about a 30-45 minute drive to his office. He is currently leasing an automobile and planning to purchase the duplex.