[Ron Ulrich Photo]Ronald Frederick Ulrich (Life Story)
Born: 2 October 1937 - Place: Los Angeles, California
Died: .............. - Place: ..............
Burial: ............
Father: Carl Frederick Ulrich
Mother: Hazel Irene Smith

Born in the Maternity Cottage, Los Angeles, California at 1:48pm on Sat., 2 Oct. 1937. He was 9 lbs 6 ozs. He first lived at 5878 Mira Monte Blvd. His father was employed as a mechanic at the California Fire Proof Company and his mother was a housewife. He moved to a home on Denker Ave and then to 10500 Pinehurst Ave, South Gate, Calif. in 1941. His father worked mostly as a carpenter and his mother a housewife. She took employment after her boys got into high school. Ron grew up in South Gate, Calif. and went to college at UCLA in Westwood, Calif. on a Naval Scholarship. He joined Phi Kappa Tau fraternity where he served a term as President. He was on the UCLA Track Team and after he quit his Naval Scholarship, got a full tuition scholarship in Track and Field.; in his senior year he was Co-captain of the track team with Bob Holland and set the school Javelin record at 245 feet 9 inches (breaking the previous record of his friend, Rafer Lewis Johnson Olympic Decathlon Champion). His personal best in the javelin was 258 feet 9 inches. He graduated from UCLA with a BA in Mathematics in June 1960.

He worked at Douglas Aircraft Co. from June, 1960 until Nov. 1965 as a computer programmer. Next at Scientific Data Systems as an Applications Analyst (Marketing Support) from Nov. 1965 until March 1967. Then he went to Automatic Information Management in Mar 1967 and was there until March 1969 as a Computer Programmer. In March 1969 he went to Multidata as a Programmer and when the company was acquired in June 1971 by Systems Engr. Laboratories he went to the Florida based company in November of 1971. He was in Marketing Support for the sales organization and left on Nov. 26, 1973 to go to TRW as a Programmer. He stayed at TRW until January 13, 1986 when he went to work for Hughes Aircraft Co. as a Project Manager. While at Hughes he was a Department/Project Mgr.  In 1993, he was transferred to Reston, VA where he worked for the Director of Technology of Hughes Information Technology Corporation. In July of 2000 he left Raytheon (formerly Hughes) to go back to TRW  where he is working as a Group Process Engineer. He has done 8 SEI CMM IPI Assessments since his return and expects to do more. TRW is enthusiastic in its pursuit of process improvement and because management is supporting the activity it is expected that they will reach their goals.

He is 6' 4.5" tall and weighs about 260 pounds. He has weighed up to about 290 pounds...A nutri-system diet in June 1989 allowed for a weight loss of 80 pounds (to 210 pound). He has blue eyes and blond hair (balding). He has had skin cancer (tip of nose) and has annual physicals (which as of 2001 have all been excellent). Records from Sept. 1938: Ht. 32.5 inches, Wt. 27# 7oz.