[Carl Ulrich Photo] Carl Frederick ULRICH's Genealogy Page Carl Frederick Ulrich
Born: 13 June 1907 - Place: Silver Spring, MD
Died: .5 Aug. 1982 - Place: Orange, California
Burial: Ashes strewn into Pacific Ocean off San Diego, CA
Father: Henry Charles ULRICH
Mother: Alice Mae Turner

Carl Ulrich (father of Ronald and R. Barry) husband of H. Irene was a carpenter. He was born in Maryland and grew up in Washington, DC. He move to California in the late 1920s or early 1930s. He met Irene at her birthday party. Her uncle Albert Smith had been befriended by Carl at the beach in Venice, California. He took Albert home and went to the Party where he met Irene. He spent most of his career as a Carpenter. In retirement (1972 until death) he built furniture, cabinets, jewelry boxes, chair, tables, and other items of fine furniture. He died of Leukemia at a hospital in the city of Orange in Orange County, California. His son, Ronald was present at the moment of death. His Social Security No. was 549-07-2752.

California Death records: Registration # 9314/ State File # 139094