Henry Charles Ulrich (life story)
Born: August 1846 - Place: Darmstadt, Germany
Died: 27 FEB 1910 - Place: Washington, DC
Buried: Soldier's Home National Cemetery in Washington,DC
Father: Ludwig Ulrich
Mother: Magdalena Ulrich

CENSUS:1860 Essex Co Newark NEW JERSEY; 734 1408 pg 156/157. Charles H. Ulrich was born in Germany in the late 1840s. He came to the USA with his mother and father (Magdalena and Ludwig) in the 1850s. It appears that M+L were married in Germany in about 1843 (or so). The Census records indicate his birth to be in 1847.

US ARMY ENLISTMENTS: M233 Roll #30 He enlisted in New York on 7 June 1883. Signed Capt. Price for 5 years. Stated his birth was Darmstadt, Germany and that he was 34 years of age/ carpenter. Had Grey eyes and brown hair and dark complexion. He was 5 ft. 8.25 in.

US ARMY DISCHARCH PAPERS: Dated 10 July 1868; Signed Geo W Davis Capt 14th Infantry Commanding Post. Original papers property of Ronald F Ulrich Charles enlisted in the US Army on 10 July 1865 as a laborer. He was 19 and 5' 6", had grey eyes and brown hair. He was in the 14th Infantry..Company H at Camp Mc Pherson AT (Arizona Territory?). He was released due to "expiration of his term of enlistment.

US ARMY DISCHARGE PAPERS: Dated 21 January 1887; Signed G G Huntt Major 1st Cavalry Commanding Original papers property of RF Ulrich, Manhatan Beach,CA He enlisted again on 7 June 1883 in the First US Regiment of the Cavalry in Wm First US Regiment of the Cavalry in Wm R Parnell's Troop F at Fort Assinniboine, MT (Montana Territory?). He was discharged on 21 January 1887 due to a Surgeon's Certificate of Disablity. He was 5' 8.25" and was 37 years and 7 months on this date. This is used to estimate his birth date of June 1849. He married Alice Mae Turner on Aug. 1896. He was about 49, while she was about 22 (27 yrs difference).

US CENSUS 1900: Maryland, Montgomery Co, Wheaton District; 21st June 1900 Vol 36 ED 66 Dwelling 255 Family 264 Henry is listed as being born August 1846 and married for 4 years. His wife Alice (Turner) is listed as being born Jan. 1873 and as being born in Virginia She is listed as having 3 children...Jerry b. Aug 1895; Julia b. July 1897 and Catherine b. Jan 1899 (all in Maryland).

MARRIAGE LICENSE; No. 488; District of Columbia Copy with RF Ulrich. Their first child was born in August 1895 about a year before they married. They lived in the Washington, DC area.

Death Certificate from Maryland Archives: Suicide drank Carbolic Acid; died in 5 minutes. He was 63 when he died. At the time he had 7 living children. The youngest was 3.

Copy of Montgomery County Sentinel dated 4 March 1910 Lists suicide of the Coleville Toll Gate keeper..Henry Ulrich. The residence is now Mrs. K's Toll House Restaurant. After his death the children were place in the Washington DC (?)Episcopal Orphanage. (heresay: He was apparently married to a German woman who was coming to the USA to sue him for bigomy.

LETTER: From Superintendent of Soldiers' Home National Cemetery Dated 20 January 1942 states he is buried in grave #7462 at their cemetery.