Julia Etta Ulrich
Born: 22 July 1897 - Place: Burnt Mill, MD
Died: 30 Nov. 1974 - Place: Bell, California
Burial: ?? Dec. 1974 - Place: Inglewood, CA
Father: Henry Charles ULRICH
Mother: Alice Mae Turner

Julia was born in Maryland. She was married three times; Her first was to a man called Robert Ambrose Thompson, next she married Harry Reynolds (very short time) and last to a man called Jonach (which was her best marriage). She had two children by Robt. Ambrose Thompson...Jeanette T. West and also Catherine Marian T. Cooksey.  She was an interesting lady who was a very good cook. She took in children as a foster mother when she lived in Canoga Park, California.  She died while living with her sister Katherine in Bell.

Her Social Security No. was 545-30-6754.