Katherine Ulrich
Born: 14 Jan. 1899 - Place: Burnt Mill, MD
Died: ............... - Place: ..................
Burial: ............. - Place: .............
Father: Henry Charles ULRICH
Mother: Alice Mae Turner

Katherine (Kay) married Bernard Stringer in the early 1920s. They moved to Bell, California, where they built a house. The house is still there and will become the property of Ronald and Barry Ulrich. Katherine was widowed in the late 1930s and took employment at Sunkist Growers as a secretary. She likes to play cards, entertain, dance, and travel. She taught her nephew, Ronald, to play many card games and had him visit her often. He learned Canasta from his Aunt as well as Pitch, Poker and Gin Rummy. Her mother, Alice, lived with her in Bell until she died. She built a house on her property for her brother Edward, who died in Bell in the house. After Edward died, her sister Julia moved into the back house. She lived there until she died. Then her other sister, Marion was living with her until her death. Marion's son Michael lived there also but in Katherine's house in the back room.  Aunt Katherine is a wonderful person who is kind and gentle with very strong ties for her family. She has take care of all of her brothers and sisters (except Carl who was able to take care of himself). Her brother Bill lived with her during the early 1950's. She is in excellent health and has had catarac surgery in her 90's and has restored her vision. She has recently complained (at the age of 95) that she is tired anytime she does anything strenuous. She is worried about her health (at 95) and up until this time has never had any health worries. She still drives and is active in the senior citizens organization (she has been the president for many years).