[Mike Ulrich Photo] Michael Hanson Ulrich's Genealogy Page Michael Hanson Ulrich
Born: 21 Oct. 1970
Place: Anaheim, California
Father: Ronald Frederick Ulrich
Mother: Faith Carol Bos

Michael was born at Anaheim General Hospital, Anaheim, Calif. at 11:11am on 21 Oct. 1970. He finally got his middle name on 7 Nov. 1970. He lived in Westminster at 7641 Lehigh Ave. In 1971, he moved to Plantation, Florida at 6901 NW 7th St. where he lived until Nov. 1973. He traveled across the USA with his mother, father, brother and sister. There was a stop at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico and also at his Aunt Mary Margaret Brown in Phoenix, Arizona. Then he went to his temporary quarters in Manhattan Beach at the High View Motel for 2 weeks.

A few weeks later he moved to his Cerritos, Calif. home at 17441 Lori Ann Lane. This house had 6 bedrooms (3 up and 3 down) a large living room, a dining room, a family room, a large kitchen, a library overlooked the front room and two bathrooms downstairs and one upstairs. There was a wet-bar in the family room. The upstairs had a small attic. The house was air-conditioned and had a fireplace in the front room. The garage was two car attached. The house was about 3000 square feet and we had a swimming pool with a spa. He lived in a downstairs bedroom with his brother for about 5 years and then to an upstairs bedroom of his own.

In 1981, he moved to Manhattan Beach, California at 1705 Pacific Avenue (a small house of about 900 square feet; he and his brother shared a room for a couple of years--in about 1983, the house was remodeled and increased to about 2900 square feet and 5 bedrooms- 3 up and 2 down- 4 baths, 3 family rooms, 2 fireplaces and a large deck in the rear; he again got his own room which he decorated in blue colors). He went to the Pacific Avenue School, Center Middle School and to Mira Costa High School. He enrolled in El Camino College in Business, he made the Dean's list during his stay here. He is very bright and has a good singing voice. He learned the to play guitar (1989) and is very good. He is about 6' 3" tall, good looking, blond with blue eyes. Is slender and weighs about 180 pounds.

In June 1992 on the 28th, Michael left for Paris with Santa Monica City College (he made the Dean's list here as well!) to go to a summer session in Paris. His mother, Carol, who worked for the SEI at Carnegie Mellon University was able to get him enrolled at TOURS (a branch of Carnegie Mellon (CMU) in France) for the fall semester. He spent the rest of the year in France and returned to Manhattan Beach for Christmas on 23 December 1992. He returned to France on January 11, 1993 to complete the year at TOURS. He spent some time traveling in Europe after his semester was over. Mike next enrolled at CMU in Pittsburgh and lived in the upper unit of his Family's duplex in Pittsburgh, PA with his brother, Carl.

In June of 1995, Michael was awarded the top prize at the Carnegie Mellon University Adamson Awards. He won the Adamson Award for Poetry. It consisted of a check for $300 and a plaque at a presentation ceremony in the Adamson Auditorium at CMU. His name appeared in the paper the next day. He completed his CMU activity by getting a BA degree with a dual major of English and French. He plans to travel prior to enrolling in Graduate school. His long term plans are to be a writer.