Nathaniel BOWDISH
Born: Bef. 12 Feb. 1642/43 - Place: Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts
Died: 5 April 1706 - Place: Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island
Buried: ......... - Place: ........, .......
Father: William BOWDISH
Mother: Sarah UNKNOWN

!Karen Bowdish: Nathaniel was a weaver by trade. Nathaniel sold to John Pudney 30 acres of land in Salem. 10 March 1701/02 the Newport Proprietors granted a tract of land to Nathaniel Bowdish bownded on the east and south by his own land, north of a highway and on the land laid out to Lawrence and Cary Carew Larke and west of Richard Dunn.

Newport town records were evacuated by the British and the ship sunk. The records were salvaged two weeks later, but were in sad shape. (Moriarity's article in NEGHR 1914) In the salvaged materials was Nathaniel's will dated 5 ??? ????, probably 1706 and the inventory is dated 12 April 1706. In the will he mentions his sons Nathaniel and William, and his daughter Sarah Bull, his daughter Hannah, and his daughter Katherine and Richard Dunn. Administration of his will was done by his son William on 2 May 1706.

He served on jury for tryals 25 July 1694 and on grand jury 31 July 1700...according to Newport records. The following is his epitaph (copied in 1884) --