This genealogy information is based upon research using US Census data; Mongomery County Historical Society records; Maryland State Archives; LDS Family History Center records and ULRICH and CLARK family information. More recent information is based upon materials of Charles Brashear (Professor Emeritus San Diego State University) who will be publishing a multivolume work on A Brashear(s) Family History. One of Charlie's quotes to me was "Contrary to Brasseur mythology, there is no proof that Elizabeth FOWKE was the wife of Robert BRASSEUR".  Another mythological story is shown in the details of "The deBrassier NONSENSE". This is copied from the book to attempt to correct the improper linkage to the American Brashear(s)/Brasseur family.

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The information below is the best currently know for the BRASSEUR family from France to the USA. The name is also spelled: Brassieur, Brashieur, Brashear, Brashears, Brassure, Brasheur, Brazier, Brasier, Broshear, Boshear, Beshear, Breshear, Breashear, and many other ways.  They settled in Nansemond COUNTY, Virginia in 1653. They move to Calvert County, Maryland in about 1658. The name BRASSEIUR (BRAS = arm, as in a part of the body (not the weapon) and SEIUR = lord or knight, hence...Lord of Arm or Might by Strength. The first Brasseiur was a page, his descendents Lords and Knights. Robert Brasseur was a Huguenot, that is, Puritan-Protestant dissenters who followed the teachings of John Calvin. Most of the country (at that time) was Catholic.During the mid to late 1500s, Huguenots were openly persecuted and several thousand were slaughtered in the Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre that occured on 24 August 1572.  Henry III of France feared the power of the Catholics and allied himself with Henry of Navarre and the Hughenots.  After Henry III was assassinated, Henry of Navarre became King and granted religious freedom to the Hughenots in some 75 towns where they were the majority. The proclamation granting religious and political freedom was know as the Edict of Nantes, 13 April 1598.  Even through the mid 1600s there were outbreaks and the Hughenots didn't get complete relief from oppression until the French Revolution, 1798.
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Descendancy Charts for Robert Brassieur (Generations 1-15) Based upon data courtesy of Charles Daniel Brashear (much of the information is based upon the books: "The Brashear - Brashears Family 1449-1929" by Henry Sinclair and "The Brashear Story" by Troy L. Back and Leon Brashear)

False links to the Brasseur family - The deBrassier NONSENSE

The deBrassier NONSENSE

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FAMILY of Ithra BRASHEAR & Hannah Elizabeth MIDDLETON Back to Ithra BRASHEAR & Hannah Elizabeth MIDDLETON

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FAMILY of Joshua "James" BRASHEAR & Ann CHEW