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The data shown here is the best currently know for the CHEW family. The evolution of the CHEW family name was from the following: 1050 de Cheux from Normandy; 1086 le Cu from Devonshire; 1100 de Chyu from Somersetshire; 1150 del Cho from Lancashire; 1220 del Chue from Lancashire; 1250 le Keu from Suffolk; 1280 de chue from Somersetshire; 1320 de Chewe from Somersetshire; 1390 Chewe from Worcestershire; 1500 Chewe from Lancashire; 1630 Chew from Virginia; 1700 Chew from New Jersey.
The CHEW tree below is based in part on materials from a book by Robert Levering CHEW.  Other materials were found in a "Family History on Philemon Lloyd CHEW" by Ruth C. Kunkle.  Materials in these sources are proved by various references and will eventually be found in the SURNAME list for the specific family member.  This genealogy information is based upon research using US Census data; Mongomery County Historical Society records; Maryland State Archives; LDS Family History Center records and ULRICH and CLARK family information.

The word CHEW generally means winding water, the EW being a varian of the French EAU meaning water. The word CHEWER is a western dialect for a narrow passage and CHARE is Old English for turning. The River Chew that runs through Somerset to the River Avon is a narrow, twisting river of water. Many believe that the name CHEW began in Normandy as CHEUX, and came to England with the Norman Conquest during the 11th century. The earliest record of the name CHEW is in the Domesday Survey, the name CHEW appears as CHIWE when it states that the Bishop of Wells holds CHIEW. The city of Wells is in Somersetshire about forty miles from the Devonshire boundary. The belief that CHIWE refers to Chew Magna located about fifteen miles to the north. Note that Devonshire is where Le Cu was granted land (bounded by Somersetshire to the northeast). The name also appears as Chyu in 1164 at Bath, and Keu in 1260 at Suffolk and as Chewe as far North as Lancashire in 1430. It isn't certain when the surname CHEW or CHEWE became permanently adopted, but it was about the last half of the 14th century. There is a John Chewe at Salisbury in 1383. About 300 years after the name was Chiwe Magna was mentioned by the Bishop of Wells. It is believed that the name was taken from places like CHEW MAGNA or CHEWTON.
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