RIXEY Family Tree

The following data is based for the most part on records from the family and from information found in the book, The RIXEY  Genealogy by Randolph Picton Rixey.  It is based upon research using US Census data; Virginia State Records; Maryland State Archives; LDS Family History Center records and ULRICH and RIXEY family information. Variants of the name are: RICCIA, RICKSEY and RIXEY. There are many opinions about the origin of this family - some specify that it is English, Irish or French (or a mixture of each). There is also some conjecture that the family origins began in Northern Italy.  There is a family from Genoa with the name RICCIA.  It is know that the Morehead family brought in Scotch to the mix. They are first mentioned in the USA in the early to mid-1700s in Fairfax and Prince William Counties of Virginia.  The city of Rixeyville, Virginia was named after the Rixey family.
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