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         It's now May 2007 and I have performed a total of 48 SEI CMMI SCAMPI A Appraisals. I am an SEI Authorized SCAMPI Lead Appraiser and have led two of these appraisals. I came back to TRW (which is now Northrop Grumman in Reston, VA) on July 10th 2000.  During the next 12 months of 2000/2001 I performed 10 assessments (8 were SEI CBA IPI assessments).  These assessments were performed to verify that ALL programs with 10 or more personnel involved in software development are performing at an Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Level 3.  This was validated by having an externally led CMM-Based Appraisal for Internal Process Improvement (CBA IPI).  The CMM Based Appraisal method is a very comprehensive way to evaluate any organization's capability to develop software. Organizations are more likely to develop software on schedule and within budget if they are higher up the maturity scale (1-5).  For detailed information on the CMM.  The assessments that were performed during the last half of 2000 verified that all programs in Mission Systems achieved the Level 3 rating.  This was not just a one shot effort. Don Winter, the Northrop Grumman Mission Systems (NGMS) President, directed that the CMM Initiative will continue and that the goals will be stretched to ensure that all programs of 10 or more software, systems or services engineering personnel will actively pursue (and achieve) SEI CMMI Level 3 ratings. The CMMI is an "integrated model" that covers both System and Software Engineering. It should cut the costs for assessments and support better integration of the two organizations. Those programs that achieved the SEI CMM Level 3 rating have worked to ensure that they are CMMI Level 5.  Currently ALL programs in NGMS have been appraised to be least CMMI Level 3 and most are performing at CMMI Level 5. As of this date, May 2007, 8 Division (with over 140 projects) within Northrop Grumman Mission Systems have achieved CMMI Level 5 (NGMS has performed 65 SCAMPI A appraisal with 25 of them achieving CMMI Level 5). One of the NGMS Level 5 Appraisals had 13 team members with 4 from the Government, 3 from Boeing, 5 from Northrop Grumman and the SEI Lead Appraiser from Comskil. This Level 5 Appraisal took only 4 days. All projects within NGMS follow the same software development processes (tailored for their project), these are used in the training of all NGMS personnel and then proactive CMMI Appraisals are performed to ensure that they are being used in day to day software development activities.  I am an "authorized" lead assessor in the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Based Assessment method and as of July 23, 2001 am also an authorized CMMI Authorized lead appraiser. Other Sectors within Northrop Grumman Corporation have also embraced the SEI CMMI Model. Northrop Grumman Corporation (including the NGMS appraisals) has performed a total of 91 SCAMPI A appraisal of which 37 have achieved Level 5 ratings.
         I also led or participated over twenty (20) CBA IPI assessments through 2000. While at Raytheon I participated in a CMMI assessment in Bedford, MA at Raytheon Systems Company on 3-14 April 2000.  I previously participated in an CMM Level 5 assessment in Fullerton, CA (Command Control Systems),  in October, 1998.  The lead assessor was from an Integrated System Diagnostics (previously with the SEI) as was one other team member.  The nine member team had a total of over 234 years experience in software development.  There were 3 certified lead assessors and 2 others who are one step from being certified.  Everyone had participated on more than 3 assessments and so not only was the process thorough, but it was reasonably easy to perform.  I have also prepared for and participated in Software Capability Evaluations (SCEs) and in Software Development Capability Evaluations (SDCEs). I have been certified/trained as an Internal ISO 9001 auditor and have performed internal ISO audits.

    One of my hobbies is genealogy.  I have created genealogy pages (see index) for my Ulrich family (ancestors and descendants) as best I know it today and for my part of the ULRICH family.  To see a complete list of the names in my family check my SURNAME LIST.  The FAMILY TREES have been started for major links to my family.  All of these family trees have links to me. If you don't find your family here, you can look in the index (on the left) at the General Information on Genealogy.

    My brother, Barry, has a home page where you can find information about him. He's a teacher and into music (he is a composer), astronomy (photos from his telescope), and ham radio. He teaches at Montebello Intermediate School in California.


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